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Tenacious Criminal Law Attorney Protects Defendants’ Rights in Houston and Galveston

Experienced criminal defense lawyer for a full range of charges

If not properly confronted, unjust criminal charges can have lifelong consequences. As a practicing attorney for more than 15 years, I founded M. Irene Wilson, Attorney at Law to serve as a strong defender of my clients’ legal rights. With experience as a probation officer and assistant attorney general, I know that errors are made in the criminal justice system which lead to unfair outcomes and penalties. Unfortunately, without a knowledgeable advocate fighting for defendants, they might never know they were mistreated. I take a hands-on approach to each case, aggressively challenging evidence on my clients’ behalf. I also understand the fear and uncertainty that accompany criminal charges and am always here to answer client concerns in English or Spanish. Initial consultations are free, so if you have been charged with criminal misconduct, call to M. Irene Wilson, Attorney at Law.

Skillfully assisting clients facing accusations of assault

At M. Irene Wilson, Attorney at Law, I represent individuals who have been charged with assault. This can be either a misdemeanor or a felony depending on the circumstances. Through diligent advocacy, I can can help seek a favorable outcome or reduction to specific charges such as:

  • Aggravated Assault — This is a serious second-degree felony under Texas law. It applies when a defendant is accused of using a weapon or causing serious bodily injury. Penalties can run from two to 20 years in prison. Often, self-defense or another legal justification exists. Based on my knowledge of the relevant law, I can advise you of options that might exist for your case.
  • Assault Bodily Injury — This type of assault is a Class A misdemeanor.  It does carry up to a one-year jail sentence, so strong criminal defense counsel is required to assert your rights.
  • Assault Family Member — This type of assault is allegedly committed against a family member and can be a misdemeanor or a felony.  In these cases penalties increase.  For instance, a simple assault can be upgraded to a felony if the allegation involves a second offense, impeding breath/choking, or involves a deadly weapon or serious bodily injury.  These cases are usually emotional and can turn on skillful investigation or cross-examination. I have the ability and sensitivity to give you an advantage in these matters.

As with every case, M. Irene Wilson, Attorney at Law always provides a comprehensive investigation of the assault charges against you and a free initial consultation so you can assess your options.

Strong advocacy against theft allegations

In Texas, theft charges and penalties vary according to the amount at stake and the methods allegedly used to deprive another person of their property. Sometimes, arresting police do not recognize that an authentic defense exists, such as an honest mistake or property that actually belongs to the accused.  Theft offenses are crimes of moral turpitude and can affect a person’s ability to keep a job.  If you’ve been arrested on a theft count, I can assist you immediately so that we can obtain the necessary evidence for your defense while it is still intact. I also have the experience to challenge overvaluations of property so that you are charged appropriately.

Contact a dedicated criminal defense attorney for a free initial consultation

M. Irene Wilson, Attorney at Law defends clients from assault, theft to all other types of criminal charges in the Houston and Galveston areas. Please call 832-703-1452 or contact me online to schedule a meeting in my Clear Lake office. Hablo Español.